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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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downs are not over yesterday. thanks for joining us on monday. >> i am cryptosporidium. >> i am he for eric thomas i am matt keller. meteorologist mike nicco? >> the morning we continue to be warmer-than-average with temperatures in the 60s but no fog to speak of. even though our cloud deck is thick this morning. as you can see from sutro tower we will start with low-to-mid 60 at 7:00. the day planner stays in the my 60s at the cost through 7:00. we will go from 68 around the bay to 74 at 4:00 and back to 68 by 7:00 and inland we jump to 74 with slow sunshine to 80 by 4:00 below average and 72, a delightful evening. more on the rocky fire next weather hit. leyla? >> we can deal with delightful weather, northbound on 101 this is in san jose near san antonio traffic is light as we turn it around you can see the southbound traffic is moving
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along without a problem. back to san jose we have an accident and this is northbound highway 17 near hamilton avenue, not causing any delays. look at this backups for miles. we have westbound 580 bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy to the accident on the shoulder at grant line. to get from tracy to dublin it will take you an hour. matt and kristen? >> more break news from oakland. a police shooting left an officer injured and a sexual assault suspect dead. janet o has the latest from north oakland. janet? >> yes kristen, check out the scene. you can see several officers investigating the early morning shooting. oakland miss say this started out of a sexual assault investigation yesterday evening. we are told police officers tried to make contacts with the sexual assault suspect when he
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shot at two officers with a rifle. it happened at 38300 block of mlk way at 1:30 in the morning. a police officer who was shot is out of surgery and in stable condition. the suspect would was shot was pronouned dead at the hospital. i asked a police officer if there was any indication the suspect was amended and dangerous police could not give us a definite answer. as this story continues to develop we will provide you with summer information. as is customary oakland police and the alameda county district attorney will be reviewing the case. breaking overnight in the east bay an abc7 viewer first alerted us to the house fire in concord that break out and spread to the house next door damaging the roof. it started before 1:30 this morning arriving crews found the house fully engulfed.
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no one was hurt. >> the raging wildfire in lake county which exploded over the weekend. new evacuations have been ordered and officials are wanting other residents to be ready to go at a moment's notice. amy hollyfield is at lake county with the details. >> it is very smoky here. very blackened. and desolate. because of all of the evacuations that are in place. and there are new mandatory evacuations that have been issued. residents have new been told they have to get out. that enjoy puts the number of people evacuated at 12,190 living in 5,200 residences. 54,000 acres have been burned. residents have been dealing with this since wednesday and it is getting worse. >> here is there now. he wants to fight the fire. they have fought been able to stop it. it is hopeless.
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>> she is talking about someone who did not want to evacuate. residents are worried what this is going to do and are upset about what it has done. firefighters are trying their best to keep them informed and holding meetings to give then the latest energy. the fire has already destroyed 24 hopes. firefighters are calling this fire historic in proportion say they have never soon anything like it. they still have a lot of work to do. it is only 5 percent contained. this map shows new mandatory evacuations underway for several communities all residents ordered out as the names creep north. the areas around paradise canyon and jerusalem valley are evacuated. the fire is impacting traffic on highway 20 and 53. leyla will have more ahead. >> strike teams are at the rocky
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fire. this photo from firefighters was posted on twitter. >> >> other fires are shooting their own votes of the rocky fire. a strike team of five engines firing players to bun peculiar and stopping the flames from jumping the freeway. this video is looking at a plane dropping retardant before him. look at that. the team was working 24-hour shifts. >> 21 major fires are burning in california and you can see them on the map, the majority are in northern california. >> you can down led our free abc7 app to get the latest information on the fires burning cross the state. enable the "push," alerts for instant updates which is free to down led for smartphones and tablets. >> a man is suspected of killing a police officers in memphis
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ten, officer sean bolton was killed while interrupting a drug deal. tremaine wilbourn was on a supervised release after serving a federal sentence for robbery. >> trains through bart transbay resume after weekend closure the first of two machined closure to replace aging tracks and railings. bart offered free a.c. transit bus service. the second closure is planned for labor day weekend. >> it has been a month since the deadly shooting at pier 14 and investigators are staying tightlipped. francisco sanchez pleaded not guilty july 1 of the killing of kate steinle using a gun stolen from a federal agent's car a week before the shooting. officials say the agent works for the bureau of land management but did not identify the officer. both agencies have cited the
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need for caution given the two investigations of the gun theft and murder. >> the district attorney is investigating the death of a 56-year-old inmate at the lake county jail. according to the press democrat she was found unresponsive in a holding cell at 2:30 yesterday. medical personal started life saving efforts but they could not revive her. she was alone in the cell phone when found during a routine check. her family is being notified. >> san francisco need your help to track down a suspected burglar. this woman is who authorities are looking for. she and the man seen in the footage broke into a vehicle july 7 in a packing garage at a hotel near lombard streets and made off with $1,500 medical device. suspects were seen leaving in a silver dodge challenger with accidents on the passenger side. the male suspect was arrested late days letter. >> and hopefully the weather is conducive to the fire-fighting
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efforts in the rocky fire. >> the interest part is when the winds pick up the cooler air with more humidity rolls in and when the winds calm down the heat and the dry air comes in so it is listen a catch 22 for the firefighters. we have 54 degree t gusting only to 5 miles per hour for the winds. ranch road and butt. rock...all those areas have smoke. 57 is the temperature. humidity is 94 percent. winds of picking up and difficult around 4:00 at 87 kegs humidity is 30 percent and a south wind at ten american and tomorrow is the easiest day for the firefighters. the golden gate bridge shows the cloud cover. the temperatures this afternoon are modest cooling dropping down into 70s and 80s inland and
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60s and 70s an the bay and 60s at the coast. hail? >> mobile 360 headed to the dumbarton bridge where traffic is light. we traveled through east palo alto. we are trying to make it to the altamont pass where it is not so hot and busy. we will talk about the closures due to the rocky fire. as mike was saying, all the streets are affected by fire and certainly highway 20 between highway 53 and new lawn valley is closed to traffic. this is running parallel to highway 53. >> the feeder roads leading to the highways are shut down until further notice and also closed is mlk jr. way define mcarthur and oakland because of an officer-involved shooting. it does not appear that bart is affected and all bart trains are moving look fine. ace train one is nine minutes
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late into great america and a.c. transit has no delays but possibly re-routed in the area of the officer involved shooting. >> still ahead animal rights activist call attention to animal extinction as another american is accused of illegally killing a lion in africa. >> moments of federal obvious misin the area this passenger on a california-bound flight told on get ready for an emergency landing in the pacific ocean. >> the question that a soccer star was asked that sent him over the age. >> more weather and more traffic all morning and we are looking across at the port of oakland. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning a look at eastern span of the bay bridge. cooler temperatures expected later today. meteorologist mike nicco has the details ahead. >> happening right now menlo park workers are wrapping up spraying to kill mosquitoes potentially killing the west
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nile virus with in70ed mosquitoes on wednesday between men low avenue and creek drive and san mateo drying and waverly street. spraying started in the area last night. crews are using a synthetic chemical that poses little risk. >> zimbabwe accused a second american of illegally killing a lion the person doctor shot the lion with a bow and arrow without arrival and on land where i was not allowed. officials are trying to extradict the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion. in new york, image of endangered animals were projected on the only fire state building. hunting has new been suspended outside the national park where cecil the lion was killed. >> we are looking at video captured by a passenger on admit from hong kong to los angeles the moment everyone was told to get ready for emergency landing in the middle of the pacific.
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[ inaudible ] >> this video was shared of the trip on flight 884. smoke alerts went off in the cargo homed account crew had to land and quickly with few places to avert they asked passengers to put on the life jackets and get ready for a landing in the ocean. it wasn't necessary. [ inaudible ] >> the boeing 777 landed safely in a remote air force base and the smoke report was false alarm. williams spend the weekend in santa cruz. >> a soccer learn end but do not talk to him about fifa he was asked about the corruption scandal and he did not like that
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>> [ inaudible ] >> don't give a [ blank ]. [ inaudible ] >> he later displayed his generous side and the agent got married over the weekend and the soccer star game police officer a greek island as a president. this you go. >> she was abandon by her parents at the age of able and sent from chicago to los angeles to live with grandparents who did not want her. >> democratic candidate hillary clinton has released her first commercials of the campaign called "dorothy," candidate's mother. the cheryl was designed to appeal to women and give her the appearance of a softer edge than in 2008. ads ran in iowa and new hampshire. >> on demand car companies could be growing quickly in popularity but not among worldwide business travelers. a study by the global business travel association shows only 11
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percent those traveling for work rely on uber and lyft and other services and a third of business travelers represent cars a quarter right traffic and 13 percent use a chauffeur. uber and lyft are beginning foot holes at airport including sfo but many companies are not yet reimbursing for such rides. they are national figures but in the silicon valley it is different a lot of big companies google encourage their employees to take uber and lyft. >> you know what uber and lyft thinks of the international travelers? growth opportunities. >> we are looking at got opportunities to reduce outbound temperatures. >> roller coaster. started yesterday. going down. then up. and back down. and then up. good morning, everyone, in worries crossing the golden gate bridge with a west wind at 15 or 16 miles per hour. drizzle is possible near the coast. just waking up with clouds and they will linger. so will the cooling. the middle of the week got warming trend and cool as we
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head to the weekend. i will have the specific numbers first you do not need the umbrella for wet weather and live doppler hd is dry. look how cloudy it is at 101 and 880 in san jose. your temperatures are running in the low-to-mid 60s in most neighborhoods and the exception is cupertino at 58, and saratoga at 59. >> 64 degrees, and lafayette and san pablo and novato at 52 and bodega bay is cooler at 59 degrees. the cloud cover shows. man layer is thick this morning around 3,000' with a lot cloud cover along the bay at noon and along the coast with more clouds than yesterday. our summer spread is 60s to barely 80s and we will be down around los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy and otherwise
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mid-to-upper 70s and sun any veil at 76 and san jose at 78 and 74 at san mateo and palo alto at 76 and a lot mid-to-upper 70s and mill bay at -- millbrae at 72. more sunshine and 68 downtown. 70 in san francisco and sausalito starting at petaluma at 74 and santa rosa and napa at 79 and vallejo at 7235 and the east bay shore berkeley, and more 80s at highway 4 and possibly livermore and san ramon valley in the pup 70s. my seven-day forecast shows a little bit cooler tomorrow and summer tries to return inland for wednesday and thursday and again it is squashed on friday into saturday and a lot of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine mixed with a few high clouds. >> mobile 360 left fremont and pass through union city. traffic is light.
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i will turn 360 around no delays heading over to the altamont pass and i will show you why in a moment. as we look at san mateo bridge 14 minutes gets you across the water define hayward and foster city and it has been a mess over the altamont pass and along highway 17 northbound at hamilton avenue an accident involving a car that was swerving in and out of lanes and it hit the center divider and moved to the shoulder. it is not causing any delays. what is causing delays is the crash that pushed over to the shoulder. eight miles per hour is the top somebody from tracy boulevard. to get you between tracy boulevard to dublin that entire drive will take you one hour and 20 minutes. it is only taking on to the commute and give yourself plenty of extra time. >> to you look for a job you may want to suit up and head to the south bay companies with hundreds of oppositions are at the hire event in santa clara
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>> good morning, a look outside we can see we have the clouds hanging around. keeping the temperatures warm this morning but, it appears we have a cool down coming for this afternoon. san mateo will be the first county to hold an all mail ballot election, with school districts and special olympics approved a resolution for all mail ballot for the november 3 election. each jurisdiction calling for an election must include the approval of the vote if a resolution which is due by friday. there is one drop off location in east city. >> now we will check with dan harris and a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up, big news for the democrats in the race for the white house, vice president joe biden could be considering
6:25 am
another run for the presidency. challenging hillary clinton for the nomination, could biden give hillary clinton a run for her money coming up next. >> we will see you at 7:00. >> this story is interesting a badger close to death two months ago is running free to morning. >> wildlife technical necessaries from animal center released her on a family farm. the staff nursed her back to health after she was found semi conscious and after do months of care she is back in the wild. >> six kids at a best hospital got more than they dreamed after posting a sign asking, who you gonna call? the all female cast of "ghostbusters," showed up and tufts posted the photos of the actresses on facebook. they dropped by to visit the young patients over the weekend. the 1984 remake is filming near and how cool is that, they
6:26 am
stopped by to say hello? >> took care of any ghosts in the hospital. >> exactly. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> including latest on a deadly police shooting that left an officer wounded and what that suspect was wanted for. >> a call for hope after the discovery of a plane flap that could hold clues for missing flight 370. >> more evacuations are ordered if lake county where the rocky fire embryos and fine out what firefighters are saying about the fire. >> right new we leave you with abc7 a look at weather and traffic through the break. this is san francisco international airport. >> go have delays? >> mike will tell us more about delays. that is coming up. after the
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at live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:29 on monday. downtown san francisco looking across the bay, a pretty picture but it is gray. in are clouds in the sky. thank you for joining us.
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>> i am christian. >> -- i am kristen sze. >> i am mat cold we -- i am matt keller here format mat. >> the rocky fire is now at 60,000 acres and only 12 percent contained. unlimited visibility. no fog. amazing. our stage director is looking very concerned as we all should be. the day planner shows 56 to 64. a mild morning. by noon, it will be cloudy and 64 at the coast and 74 inland. by 4:00 the average is 66 at the coast. and cool to mile evening at 64 to 72. now the commute with leyla. >> headed through the valley eastbound direction along 580 we passed eden canyon road and traffic could not be better or lighter. we hearing there have been cancellations for san francisco
6:31 am
bay ferry. the alameda and oakland 6:00 and 6:10 a.m. ferries to the san francisco ferry building have been canceled. the next ones available are 6:30 and 6:40. bart has if delayed reports and a.c. transit has in delayed but they could be re-routed around this streets are closed in oakland and martin luther king between 40th with an officer-involved shooting. >> that is breaking news. a police officer was injured and an armed suspect shot dead after a con problem station overnight. janet o is at the scene. >> kristen, can you see a heavy police presence here. the shooting happened five hours ago. oakland police say this started out as a sexual assault investigation yesterday evening and two officers tried to make
6:32 am
contact with the suspect when the suspect shot at them with a rifle. the officers returned fire and one of then was hit in the gun fire exchange and we are told that the officer is out of surgery and is in stable condition. a suspect who was pronounced dead at the hospital after being struck. oakland police are investigation the shooting. they have recovered a rifle and trying to recover the evidence. we will head to a news conference at oakland mid -- police department if an hour to get more information to you. >> a develop news from lake county where a major wildfire that is bunk out of control chasing more residents out of their hope. we got an update on the new numbers, it is 60,000 acres and only 12 percent contained but the containment number has risen. our reporter is in lake county with the story.
6:33 am
>> more evacuation orders have been issued and the fire is still growing and a tense time for residents, 24 homes have been destroyed by the fire and that happened on the western edge. the good news is that the fire has changed directions and now it is headed eastbound and there are not so many homes on that side. they know that it can change. they have put out more evacuation orders eling people they have to get out. they have told spring valley to leave. it is important to follow the orders because through is one way in is out of the valley and now more than 12,000 people have been evacuated. it is arrest addressful for residents. >> i have fought sleep for -- not slept for two days and now i am concern about spring valley. my nephew lives there the >> how are you feeling? >> nervous. we are tired of this. >> firefighters are trying to
6:34 am
keep nervous people informed updating them here at the meeting. firefighters say this fire is burning at an explosive rate calling this historic and unprecedented fire. this morning, it is calm. it is quiet. it is a cool and still morning. they know that in the afternoon that is when it can get ugly. they have more than 2,000 firefighters here ready to take on the challenge. with the fire only at 12 percent contained. today, two more air tankers are joining the aerial assault against the rocky fire. two air tankers and 19 helicopters are battling the place. the video from the california national guard shows one of the helicopters picking up water from clear lake and dropping it on the intense flames. the were doctors are critical to the firefighting effort. >> the firefighters can get if there and get the fire out.
6:35 am
>> the state of emergency declared by governor brown on friday cleared the way for the cam national guard to help out and it lets the state get help from other states and the federal government. the c-130s are provided by the airport. >> it will take crews longer to contain the wragg fire burning near lake berryessa they hoped to have contained by today but now pushing that to thursday. it has burned 80,000 acres in 10 days and now 95 percent contained. >> the united states honor flag is flying in memorial of sergeant scott lunger. it is taken across the country to on american heroes. it willfully for 15 hours, an hour for each year of service. he was shot to death during a traffic stop july 22nd. french and malaysian investigators are meeting in paris to figure out if a wing fragment can solve the mystery
6:36 am
of missing airlines flight 3 accident that disappeared in march of 2014 on way to beijing. this were 239 people on board. the wing part found in the india ocean has been verified as coming from the boeing 777. malaysiamalaysia airlines flight 370 is the only missing boeing 777. >> now at the gas pump you can be a millionaire with a new lottery program called play at the pump with drivers getting $20 of quick picks when he buy gas and the cost goes on the credit card. you need cash to by lottery tickets inside a store. this game is available only at 87 stations through the state with one in campbell. mayors have to senator their it at the pump to verify their age. >> a consumer revolt over sunscreen that does not work. actress jessica alba feels the heat. >> more and more companies are
6:37 am
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>> coming up on 6:40. other current conditions at rocky fire is 630,000 acres. winds are around three or four miles per hour so it does not get much easier to work than these conditions this morning. there are a few of the streets we have been dealing with. through the day the toughest conditions at 4:00 87 degrees and 30 percent, and 10 or 20 miles per hour. overnight we drop into the upper 50s and the winds will calm. tomorrow is the easiest day wealth wise 84 and humidity is 36 percent winds from the south at 10 or 15 miles per hour. palm spring is 12 young in lake tahoe and 87 in sacramento. >> we are traveling light on 580 through pleasanton we passed this area and it is clear. we when you get up to the altamont pass if you are headed in the westbound direction that is where you run into some major delays. in fact on the map, traffic is
6:41 am
slowing headed across the water 20 hayward and up to foster city, drive is going to take you 16 minutes. in san jose, it is looking clear and moving along at a very good pace as you head up to the airplane, southbound traffic is not a problem but this is the problem, westbound 580 we had an early accident pushed to the shoulder. eight miles per hour is the top speed and looking at one hour and 20 minutes to get from tracy to dublin. >> thanks. actress jessica alba is responding after angry customers took to social media to complain that the sunscreen doesn't work. at issue is the ppf3 sun for $14 customers shared photos of their sunburned bodies saying it is not effective. a critic claim he was only in the sun for an hour before he was burned and in a statement to "people" magazine, they said she
6:42 am
stands behind the safety and efficiency of the product. >> new signs air fares will drop to the lowest point in years and when you should book your next trip. >> sent for a missing special olympics athlete helps in the east bay and where the map was found hours ago.
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> develop news a 44-year-old special olympics athlete missing in los angeles has been found safe right here in the bay area. andi gusmari walked into the hair police department early this morning. he was hungry and confused but otherwise in good condition. andi gusmari does not speak accomplish and is from albania. he was separated during a festival on saturday night but no word on how he ended up in hayward. >> special olympians from around the world dance at the closing ceremonies of the special olympics world game. 6,500 athletes competed across the los angeles area for the past week. australia is the site of the
6:46 am
next special olympics in 2017. >> bad news of apple watch sales. >> the annual raise could be a thing of the past but it is not all bad news. >> jane king has more in our money report. happy monday, jane. >> happy monday. the market is not so happy. we have the s&p 500 and nasdaq and dow trading slightly lower so far this morning. the dow is the waste so far down a third of a percent. sales of the apple want are not so great according to the "wall street journal" a subsidiary of the semi-conductor engineers and a supplier of watch say it fell short of break even number open shipments of the come pens during the second quarter and expects to full short again in the third quarter but apple has not released sales information. the c.e.o. said the building is complex and 100 supplier can fought give a true indication of sales. >> babysitter pay has jumped 28
6:47 am
percent in five years making over minimum wage and in some stays agency more than $15 with the national average $13.4 an hour. guess where the past paid are? in san francisco 16.65 an hour is what they get. the annual raise turning into a relic of the precrisis economy as companies turn to creative and cheap are ways to comment workers. exhaust data show that more businesses are spending on health care gym membership and pets and the growth and spending of those is outpacing gains in wages. new this morning if you can delay your summer vacation, wait until the fall when air fares are projected to to be the lowest in years at 3.5 percent cheaper than last year from september through november and down 8 percent than the same months in
6:48 am
20 thin because the record low price of jet fuel is down 30 percent the last year and increasing competition from low cost carriers. and you do not pay for luggage but you pay at the airport. >> take it out of the ticket price. >> we have delays from sfo. >> an hour and 17 minutes arrest the delay averages. a beautiful picture of our east bay hills camera as the morning sun is sneaking under the cloud deck which is thick today which means it will open up quickly but it will not go away so our mod the cooling continues today and tomorrow and cloudy and mild with drizzle near the coast and middle week warming and cooling, again, into the weekend. you can see the cloud deck at sfo but no cloud deck. low-to-mid 60s and woodside is 59 60 at palo alto to foster
6:49 am
city and san mateo and san bruno all at 6 because of the cloud cover. mountain view and san jose and hayward and san francisco and san ramon at 63. concord at 54 and oakland 65. mill preliminary is social media 54. the stout sea breeze is coming in and it is coming off warmer-than-average ocean temperatures that is why our mornings are mile. west delta west to the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge at 3:00 this afternoon until 10:00 this evening, small craft advisory so it will be choppy. you can see the cloud cover continuing this afternoon across to emeryville. to the south we will open up with sunshine and mid-to-upper 70s with san jose at 78. los altos and redwood city the same but you drop to 72 in millbrae and 68 in downtown and mid-60s along the coast. mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay. 69 at richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of the the east bay shoreline and mid-80s inland east bay.
6:50 am
more free air conditioning. at the game dress for temperatures in the mid-to-lower 60s. my seven-day forecast shows two to four degrees cooler tomorrow. we have a bump back to nearly 90 degree temperatures inland wednesday and thursday and more cooling friday and saturday. >> at livermore, eastbound at 580 we are headed through livermore to the altamont pass. at the altamont pass, if you are headed in the westbound direction you are going to turn around and check out traffic heading westbound. it is a mess. packed conditions. from tracy to -- lynn it will -- tracy to dublin, it will be an hour, and up to an hour and 20 minutes. and mass transit shows an early cancellation of friend bay ferries between oakland and alameda to the terry building if san francisco. everything is resumed. any ferries leaving alameda and oakland are going to be on time.
6:51 am
in clear lake to give you updated road closings, highway 20 is shut done between highway 16 and highway 53 and portions of highway 16 between highway 20 is off limits with the feeder roads, too, so check with your agency and be safe. >> thank you it is 6:51 back with seven things to know before you go. >> abc7 keeping weather and traffic together during the commercial break you whiching the little spider enjoying the view at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> he has a buddy and they have joined forces. >> leyla said it is breakfast hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah!
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. the breaking news in oakland a police officer is in stable can be after being shot by a sexual assault suspect this morning. officers returned fire killing the man at martin luther king jr. way. oakland police are hing a news conference at 7:30. follow us us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> new numbers in on the rocky fire butting in lake county. 630,000 acres have burned. the fire is 12 percent contained. 12,000 people have been evacuated. the air force is providing to more air tankers to help.
6:54 am
>> we are off to a cloudy and gray start and cooler than agency day with inland east bay 78 to 86 so more free air conditioning. along the coast more clouds than yesterday at 64 to 70s and the bay is cooler-than-average at 69 to 79 in the south bay and the north by. enjoy. >> a busy back-to-work commute and at the toll plaza toll you can see the traffic is packed. it is going to take you 15 minutes from the east bay into san francisco and the bay bridge toll plaza is building taking 15 minutes from castro street and the altamont pass is in better at since miles per hour before you get to 580 on 20 a. >> five people were rescued from early morning apartment building fire in hayward investigators say three separate fires broke out at the complex with two people suffering minor injuries. there is no word on the cause. >> a three-year-old man was killed at a festival outside
6:55 am
chicago when a storm toppleed a pole open him while walking with his wife and two children and lit on the head. 15 others were injured at the prairie festival. >> a warning of a new scam that could take over your pc that looks like an official e-mail offering you an updade to end withs continue but contains ransom ware that if installed you have to pay the thieves to take it off. experts say to delete any e-mail that looks suspicious. >> mike, we have cooler temperatures this afternoon but this morning it seems warm. >> yes it is interesting how that happens because the ocean water is in the 60s so when the marine layer comes in, it is in the 60s and we are warmer than average in the morning and cooler than afternoon this afternoon, 70s for us and maybe a few 80s but warmer by wednesday and thursday. >> and the transbay tube is back only and all is well. >> good news the transbay tube is open and no delays and no
6:56 am
delays because of street closures in oakland and mlk is shut down define 40th and macarthur maze until further notice. >> more transbay tube drama to come like a trailer for a bad movie. coming soon. >> coming soon. >> we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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monday. good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly storms tear through the midwest. a huge tent ripped from the ground outside chicago killing at least one, injuring more than a dozen. a popular music festival evacuated. thousands take cover. people race from the beach. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> six tornadoes reported and the severe storms moving east this morning. new this morning church bombing mystery. two churches just miles apart bombed in the middle of mass rocking the buildings. governor calling out the cowardly act. the fbi on the scene right now. and take a look at this. a drag racer in a horrific accident. his car tumbles through the air, somersaults at least half a dozen times. is this reality star pushing it


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